Environmental Incentives:

Leather is a naturally beautiful material that can last for decades if well cared for. Organic and sustainable, leather is a preferred material for its beauty, durability, and unique characteristic of becoming better when enjoyed and well-loved. Synthetic materials simply can't match the strength, appeal and environmental stewardship of leather.

Icon Croft’s supply chain uses responsible methods and materials that are not harmful to people or the environment, and our tanneries are certified by Leather Working Group. They limit the release of harmful chemicals, use non-toxic ingredients, and have advanced systems to clean the water they use. This ensures that the water returned to the environment after tanning and dyeing is clean and safe. We are proud of the eco-friendly practices and standards we adhere to, and persistently seek to improve our methods as technology advances.

Icon Croft also knows that our greatest asset is our employees, and we seek to be the best in industry in providing safe and ethical social practices and working environments. Certified by Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production, we abide by strict workplace standards for the welfare of our knowledgeable and skilled workforce.